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Russia – 2006 World Leader in Space Launches

Speaking at a news conference on December 26th, Russia’s Federal Space Agency head Anatoly Nololaevich Perminov said Russia was the world’s leader in space launches in 2006. “Russia’s current share in the spacecraft launch market is about 40 percent, and counting joint Russian-Ukrainian launches from the Sea Launch platform, it totals about 45 percent of all launches conducted in the ...

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New paint scheme for Macedonian AF Zlin 242L trainers

Macedonian Air Force Zlin 242L (c/n 0701) trainer wearing military serial VAM-102 and civil registration Z3-DCN is seen at Petrovec Air Force base on December 26th, 2006, shortly after its returning from the Czech Republic were it has been subject to Revision “C” works including new painting and general overhaul of engine at manufacturer Moravan-Aeroplanes. The aircraft is the first ...

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China Reportedly Refitting Soviet Aircraft Carrier

The Chinese Navy is repairing an ex-Soviet aircraft carrier, according to media reports. While it would require more work to make it functional, the vessel would be China’s first carrier. Michele Norris talks with Andrew Koch of Jane’s Defence Weekly. Koch and his colleague Yihong Chang report this week on repairs that China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy is making to ...

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Bulgarian An-2 agro planes for sale

The Bulgarian Agency for State Receivables Collection announced that it is going to launch public tender for sale of four (4) An-2 Colt single-engine piston planes manufactured in the 1970s and used for agriculture purposes by the Air Dobrudzha air company, which went bankrupt in June 2004. The cheapest plane will be offered at EUR 1,200, while the initial price ...

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